Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mercedes-Benz SL500 Touch of Home Modification Switzerland

    A sporty design with an image as a premium sedan coupe (two door) is what makes Nanda fell in love with Mercedes-Benz (MB) SL 500. Though produced in 2005, but the look of the sedan from Bavaria this country remain exclusive and have class.

    Who make more attracted Nanda again, which produced limited SL500, the whole body has got a touch of FAB Design. The house is well-known modifications Swiss origin. When he fell into the hands of the Nanda was already using a body kit and the legs of claim FAB Design.

    "FAB Design SL500 for my collector items are very rare and hard to find in Indonesia," he said, although he had to wait five months. He said, difficult to get a SL500 with only the order, but must be complete with a car, especially when produced only a single color, ie silver.

    From all over 'body' products MB, consider the exterior, FAB most widely cultivated. Starting from the front bumper, rear, grille and side skirt is made with high quality. Although many additions, will not increase the weight of the sector due to the touch using carbon composite materials.

    Instead display aero kit with trapezodial design curve and the presence of water plus scoop large dimension, making the figure of 5000 cc engined SL500 more muscular V8. As for the stern, FAB observant enough to change so that when visits are contained.

    Like a rear spoiler, though minimalist, but look into an elegant design combined with the reversal Muffler. With the triangle, both together and placed in the middle section.

    So clean and fresh. Moreover, the application butterfly door on the SL500 body makes phenomenal. However, not impressed cheap. The result, Nanda increasingly confident at the moment out of the car this favorite.

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Mercedes-Benz SL500 Touch of Home Modification Switzerland

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