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Top Luxury Cars | 2010 Acura RL

    Acura RL - What the Auto Press Says

    The 2010 Acura RL ranks 3 out of 13 Luxury Large Cars. This ranking is based on our analysis of 8 published reviews and test drives of the Acura RL, and our analysis of reliability and safety data.

    The 2010 Acura RL doesn't carry the same cachet as some more well-known luxury cars, but it's an excellent choice for many buyers. With outstanding cabin electronics, bulletproof Honda reliability and resale value, and a price that doesn't climb high when you start adding options, it's a great value.  But some reviewers say it is underpowered for its price, and short on space for its size.

    While most large luxury cars offer just slightly different takes on the same high-power formula, the Acura RL is a little different. There is no supercharged V8 offered here. That's not to say the RL isn't sporty - its unique SH-AWD system (that's "Super Handling - All Wheel Drive") means it holds a precise line in a hard corner - but the RL is more about agility than speed, and more about high-tech digital luxury than old world leather-and-wood elegance.

    The RL's 3.7-liter V6 is nothing you'd find in a more affordable car. It makes a V8-like 300 horsepower.  But it can be a beat slower than many V8-powered cars, and reviewers are disappointed with the car's 16/22 mpg EPA rating -- the RL actually ranks in the bottom half of its class for fuel economy even though uses two fewer cylinders than most of its rivals.  That SH-AWD system, however, makes it fun to drive. The system actually helps to steer the car, varying the speed of each wheel independently to point the car into turns while maintaining excellent grip.  It gives the car an entertaining personality on a winding road.
    Other Cars to Consider

    But those truly looking for an athletic large sedan will want to try out the superbly balanced BMW 5-Series, or perhaps the muscular Jaguar XF.

    Those cars, however, might not be the RL's most direct rivals. If the RL interests you, there's another car you should consider before laying money down. The RL's smaller sibling, the Acura TL, is worth a look.  It isn't much smaller, and the two cars share so many mechanical components that buyers might find the TL essentially offers the RL experience at a discounted price.
    Acura RL: The Details

    The RL is offered in just one trim level for 2010, an available Technology Package adds a voice-controlled navigation system with traffic and weather updates that, some reviewers say, is the best one found anywhere. A Technology Package with Collision Mitigating Braking System increases the safety quotient.

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Top Luxury Cars | 2010 Acura RL

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