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Top 10 Most Extreme Custom Cars in the World from SEMA 2007

    Custom Car 1. 1963 Corvette

    It's hard to believe that under
    all that under all the graphics and performance parts this used to be classic
    small block Chevy. The heart of this mighty machine is a 400 cubic inch twin
    turbo V8. When fully spooled, it makes...2200 horsepower. (Let that
    sink in for a few seconds). The engine bay had to be extended and hood
    modified to house the new power-plant. According to Rod Saboury, the owner,
    it's the fastest street-legal car in the world. And it still has factory
    roll-up headlights and cup-holders.

    Custom Car 2. Blastolene B-702

    picture is worth more than 1000 words. This amazing work of art was designed by
    the Blastolene Brothers ( Michael Leeds and Randy Grubb), the same masterminds
    behind Jay Leno's "Tank Car." It sits at 19.5 feet long and 94 inches
    wide. One look at the size of the hood and the number of tubes on the headers
    should give you a slight hint to the 702ci V12 that's hiding underneath.
    Everything sits on a custom made frame. Toss in the
    and custom made
    trimmings and you have the hottest
    car on the road.

    Custom Car 3. 1950 "Mercules"

    All the way from Australia comes a custom 1950 Mercury. This blue beauty has seen over 175
    body modifications to get where it is today, one of which chopped off 4 inches
    of headroom. Adding to the already outstanding combination is a 6.8 liter
    supercharged V10. That potent power-plant drives the 1950 Merc to the front of
    the line when it comes to custom hot rods.

    Custom Car 4. Pontiac Solstice SD-290

    Ah the forgotten days of racing. This concept from Pontiac
    looks like a modern version of the 1930's style race cars and it's
    built like one too. It comes from the factory with a 4 point racing
    harness, no windshield and a built in roll bar. Don't plan on taking
    your date out in this either, there's no passenger seat. Holding it to
    the road is a set of 19" wheels wrapped in Hoosier Racing Tires. Good thing too because the Turbo 2.0 liter Ecotec lays down close to 300 horsepower.

    Custom Car 5. Mercedes SL 600

    This new Mercedes
    is extreme in a whole new way. It was extremely time consuming to
    build. Even though SEMA wasn't the first time the public saw this SL
    600, it still got a ton of attention. How could you miss is with over
    300,00 Swarovski crystals covering the exterior. Even the interior got
    some crystal accents. At least you will never lose your car at night

    Custom Car 6. 1988 Caprice

    An '88 Caprice on 30 inch Asanti wheels, enough said. All of the suspension
    components are either chromed of painted to match the House of Kolor
    Violet Kandy body coat. The interior is made of white leather and
    purple suede. Under the hood is a 400 cubic inch small block fitted
    with a Wieland Supercharger and fed by a pair of Holly Dominators.

    Custom Car 7. Mercedes R500

    Audio is the name of this game. Alpine’s Advanced Application R&D
    team is unbeatable when it comes to innovation and installation of the
    newest audio goodies. This year they chose the R500 to show-off their
    latest Signal Processing Technology. The R500 was also an
    accomplishment for the engineers who installed everything. The doors
    were turned to suicide and attached to the front seats. Even more
    amazing is the front seats swivel to make entering and exiting the
    vehicle easier. Resting in the truck
    is a motorized rack holding 6 of Alpines PDX amplifiers that rotates out for display purposes.

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